Terms & Conditions

By ordering with IntellilinkMods you agree to adhere to the following terms and conditions.

  1. No returns  we do not accept returns unless the unit is faulty. This however is extremely unlikely as we test all units prior to shipping to ensure high quality.
  2. We are not liable for return postage if a return is required. 
  3. We endeavour to provide all the information required on what additional accessories are required to perform retrofits. This is however your responsibility to ensure that you are aware of all the additional items required to retrofit the product e.g. additional trim pieces, dashboard modifications etc.
  4. The condition of the products we provide with kits are USED, we strive to provide the best hand picked units on the market, however sometimes signs of wear and tear are visible, we are not liable for this. Most of the time however units have came from <1000 mile accident damage cars, and still have screen protectors on.
  5. These kits are retrofits, meaning sometimes issues arise with compatibility, this can include but is not limited to OEM reverse camera functionality loss, ECC (electric climate control) loss of indication on the screen etc. Whilst we do endeavour to program the units to your vehicles complete specification, it does sometimes fail meaning options on your vehicle can be lost. This cannot be helped and by purchasing a kit from us you accept and understand these risks. This means once again, that this is not grounds for a return unless the unit is confirmed defective I.e broken screen, flickering, etc. 
  6. By purchasing any of our products in the online store, you agree to these terms and conditions, understanding that, there can be compatibility issues with your vehicle and by purchasing any of our products you accept these risks, and understand you cannot return or receive a refund for the items, as they are bespoke ordered and programmed to your vehicle.