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A little background about us

IntellilinkMods has years of proven experiance and a track record of Vauxhall and Opel retrofits. Starting with our Intellilink R4.0 retrofit kits back in 2017. Since then, time and time again we hear excellent feedback from our customers.

At IntellilinkMods, we believe in a factory-finish with every product we offer, that means using genuine software and parts (except in the case of reverse cameras) when supplying these kits. 

What radio is currently fitted to my car?

Click here to view our handy guide.

What vehicles is this kit compatible with?

  • Opel/Vauxhall - Corsa-E
  • Opel/Vauxhall - Adam

What is included in this kit?

This kit (Kit 3) is designed for those who haven't already purchased an Intellilink R4.0 unit, we will supply the unit as part of this kit including the required piano black fascia plate. Please be aware you still require a replacement top trim with this kit.

  1. Intellilink R4.0 Unit
  2. Piano black fascia plate
  3. Intellilink R4.0 Mounting Cradle
  4. Latest Official GM Software Updates
  5. R4.0 Wiring Harness Adaptor
  6. R4.0 Programming Service
  7. Digital Fitting Guide

What you should know before purchasing

There are a few key points you should understand before purchasing any of our retrofit kits:

Modifications to the plastic behind the dashboard facia trims are required – The area behind the dashboard facia needs cut, in order to accommodate the different position and physical size of the Intellilink R4.0 unit. The changes are invisible, meaning once you’ve re-clipped all the original fascias back on, you can’t see the modifications at all.

You require a different top trim (Only if your car is produced before 01/06/2016) – The top trim is the coloured plastic bar that runs along the top of your dashboard, it contains the passenger side air vent and is usually colourful with a stripe etc. You need to replace this with one from a car originally fitted with an R4.0, used they normally retail for around £30-40, or new they start at £120 for the Corsa-E and Adam. We sometimes can supply these as part of the kits if our supplier has them in stock at a reduced price, please contact us to check current stock levels.

Extras and Options

Opel Startup Screen - This option converts the unit for Opel vehicles, changing the Apple CarPlay menu position to the LEFT hand side, and also sound of the indicator chime/door open chime to the opposing speaker from the driver. DO NOT select this option for a UK spec or RHD vehicle, as it will have undesirable effects.

OE Reverse Camera - Select this option if your vehicle has a factory fitted reverse camera, we will manufacture the adapter loom specically for this, and program the unit to accept your factory camera.

Infinity SoundSystem - ONLY select this option if your vehicle is equipped with the Infinity sound system. If it is not, damage can occur to vehicle components due the different power outputs from the R4.0 unit.

Subwoofer RCA Connection - This adds a standard dual-channel phono output, and REMOTE 12v activation wire to your loom, allowing you to plug a subwoofer or external amplifer into your R4.0

Reverse Camera Kit - Select this option if you do not have a factory reverse camera and wish to have one added on. This will include a number-plate light style camera, programming for the camera and a wiring kit to plug directly into your R4.0

Fitting at Newcastle upon Tyne - Select this option if you wish to take advantage of our free installation service in Newcastle upon Tyne. After payment we will email you to arrange an installation appointment.

Frequently asked questions

Q: I’m having trouble finding the top trim, can you help me?

A: Yes! If you require assistance or part numbers to source the top trim you can email us, pop up on live chat or message us on Facebook for assistance.

Q: I’m concerned I may struggle fitting the kit, how hard is it?

A: It’s difficult to advise, a certain level of proficiency with tools is required, we have had people struggle but we are always more than happy to advise. We can assist you during the installation via video call, text message etc.

Q: What tools do you require to install the kit?

You will require either a sharp knife or Dremel (Dremel is better and more accurate) and a torx screw driver.

Q: Can I have the unit fitted by yourselves?

Yes, we offer a free fitting service, provided you come to us in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK. Alternatively you can find one of our authorised installers located near you from this list.


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Intellilink R4 Retrofit Kit (Kit 3)

  • Product Code: R3-R4-WESUP-TRIM
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £370.00

Retrofit Extras

Retrofit Extras

Programming Options