• Astra-K - Navi 900 Reverse Camera DIY Kit

This kit allows you to retrofit a reverse camera to your Intellilink Navi 900 system just like factory, this includes the dynamic reversing lines, that turn with your steering wheel input.

For this service you will be required to post us the HMI2.5 module, this is located behind your speedometer.

What's included in this kit?

  1. Reverse camera
  2. Wiring harness
  3. Programming of the HMI2.5 module
  4. Return postage

What type of camera do you supply/fit?

The camera we supply with the kit mounts directly between the number plate lamps, exactly as the OEM camera does. The kit includes a single hole saw, using an electric drill, you cut a circle hole directly between the number plate lamps, push the cable through the hole, then secure the camera by pushing it into the hole, the camera will then lock into position.

You then push the cable through the rubber vent at the back right hand side of the vehicles body. 

Please note! The reverse guide lines on the camera are exactly as they are named, only a guide. This means that they are simply an aid to the direction of your steering wheel and are not designed to indicate the width of the vehicle, it is also important to note that these will differ to a genuine camera, as we use an aftermarket camera.


As with all DIY / RETROFIT KITS, being unable to fit the kit, or lacking the skills to remove the module etc. will not be refunded. Please only order this kit if you are 100% confident you can remove the module, post us it and fit the kit.

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Astra-K - Navi 900 Reverse Camera DIY Kit

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